Friday, January 28, 2011

Marathi Kavita On Retirement

Iron Man Legacy: inheritance funny ...

Start a new regular series for Iron Man in Marvel Heroes Extra # 5 .

Following a theft of technology (well, Stark Enterprises are both secure as Renault), Iron Man is seen morally obliged to intervene in transit, a small country in Eastern Europe, which is taking place in a serious ethnic conflict.
International tension is rising rapidly, especially as the Doom of Latveria threat to use force at all times to protect its interests ...

Well, we will not say more at the story, partly because it has nothing very exciting on the other partly because, finally, there are many things to talk about this journal. And first, the little speech from the beginning. Christian Grasse had to stay stuck in a chimney trying to play Santa Claus because it takes care of Giorgio Lavagna. We change the name but the obsessions are the same. Proof: we remade the film shot of the alibi. So when the pundits Panini (and Marvel also for once) they understand that this famous principle of so-called communicating vessels only works one way?
For if the readers of comics will indeed see generally adaptations to cinema the reverse is much more hypothetical. Moreover, all the people I know in my surroundings, and who have seen Spider-Man or X-Men on the big screen have not been provided to read comics. And then, I remember when I went to see Rasta Rockett is the same, I did not subscribe to much to Bobsleigh Magazine.
So much other stuff in the editorial, the guy shows us just the Avengers. Well, we say that this is not a bad idea for new readers, except that, in fact, the description comes down to "a team that fights evil." Ah well, we are inspired to dealers sticker! This definition can apply to almost all teams Marvel or all super-heroic teams of all publishers. And in addition to the gag ... there is absolutely no question of the Avengers in the narrative that follows. Paninienne logic.

Let us return to the principle of this new on-going. This adventure takes place in the past Iron Man (ben. .. as a First Class the coup, except that there, they called Legacy . Marvellienne Logic), specifically, when everyone still believes that Iron Head is a bodyguard for Tony Stark (for cons, he has built his first armor in Afghanistan, not Vietnam. Hop, a little help Doublethink !).
Why would you say? Well I am tempted to say there is none, because we know that nothing will happen really bad. Even if the arcs were exceptional, very well written, and that the authors took the opportunity to develop some original themes, but no. Here for example, in terms of guests, it was Dynamo Crimson and Titanium Man, in short, nothing but the very expected (and that's where it's stupid, because we, we know that these are traditional enemies of Iron Man, but the alleged players from around the cinema, they would not clap? So, s' they exist, it does them no good and we that we swells. Strike!).

To stage these battles sluggish and soporific, the House of Ideas has used Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth. For this last , nothing to say, the drawings are quite correct. Let's move directly to the case of this good Fredo. Already, in the final paninien speech, it is described as "great writer". Nothing too surprising, since they speak to someone (unless it Straczynski ), one gets the impression that this is the eighth wonder of the world. He made some very good things that Van Lente, whether X-Men Black , on his recent visit Amazing Spider-Man or, in a very different, Super Philo . But he also wrote very average stuff (Wolverine Legac ... er, no, Wolverine First Class ) and even sometimes rather nazes (its Marvel Zombies frankly not the best of the series). Here he is in one of its moments rather Suck. We can look for hours, there is not the beginning of the beginning of every bit of interest in these five episodes. One does not start, it is not moved either, there is no suspense and even less practical interest (in this context, the common border between presented here Latveria seems difficult and Transit to reconcile with the clean Atlas Marvel ) is slack in the dish placed on the vacuum.
It's not terrible eh, you can read it, it's just bland and tasteless. The opposite of what we are entitled to expect a reading.
And the translation does not help, because, really, we can not say that there really mistakes, but turns of phrase are sometimes so crappy that even without saying it out loud, we feel they are unpronounceable and from the imagination down a translator without talent (no, not Jennifer is the other). Finally, when I say there are no mistakes, it is sometimes limited, as in the phrase "digging a black hole." A black hole it will not dig whore! it is formed! it's not something you will do in the garden with a shovel and a hoe!
All that to say that it really is not what will revive a stalled somewhat Marvelverse these days (let alone bring new readers to the editor).

A new series of which we hear no more in a few months which will give nothing interesting, the first arc is boring as possible and translated so laborious, what happens?
A comic which can largely do without.


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